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    Image of sheep in Alkington parish

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    Snowdrops brightening up the verges

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Alkington Parish is a rural area halfway between Gloucester and Bristol. It lies to the west of the Cotswold escarpment and runs from the rolling hills and mixed farms below the escarpment to the flat water meadows of the Vale of Berkeley.

The population of 650 is split between Newport (where approximately half of the population lives), the largest settlement, and the rest of the parish.

Alkington Parish Council consists of 7 councillors, who give their time to continue to make the parish a pleasant place to live. The parish council is not responsible for planning decisions, rubbish collection, recycling, potholes or the roads, but is in regular contact with both Stroud District Council and Gloucester County Council, in particular Highways, to try to influence their delivery of services in the parish.

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Stalkingham News September 2020

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Posted: Wed, 02 Sep 2020 13:53 by Anita Sach

Cycle thefts

With the governments encouragement to 'get on your bike' both new and second hand bikes are in short supply and in some areas difficult to source. This has resulted in bikes being in great demand and a good form of income for thieves. Whether it is your child's bike or an adult mountain bike they are no longer cheap and a good every day adult bike could cost upwards of £1000. You have probably saved up hard to purchase it so don't let it become an easy target for thieves. Your bike might be your sole means of getting to work! More »

Here are a few tips:-
Photograph your bike and record the make, model and serial/frame number. Register your bike with, or to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assists in owner recovery. In addition you can use a forensic chemical marking product such as SmartWater or Selecta DNA.

Photograph and itemise any accessories or distinguishing features on your bike.

When purchasing locks, chains or cables look for the label and try to spend a minimum of 10% of your bike's value. Sold Secure products are classified into three main categories:
Bronze Standard locks are tested to withstand an attack from an individual using a hand tool for 1 minute.

Silver Standard locks are expected to last 3 minutes.

Gold standard locks should withstand 5 minutes of continual attack.

Depending on the value of your bike it should be included on your home insurance policy (check amount covered) or subject to a separate insurance policy.

Bikes should always be locked whether in the garden shed or garage. Never leave open to view outside you property. If leaving in a shed secure to another bulky object, maybe another bike or lawnmower etc. When stored in a building with concrete floor/solid wall fit ground/wall anchor points to secure the bike to using a suitable chain/lock. Cable alarms are a good way of alarming and can be threaded through multiple devices. When locked cutting of cable will activate an alarm (replace battery regularly).

Plan your journey so you know what security you'll need when you arrive at your destination, it's easier to take two locks than report the theft and walk home!

When locking your bike ensure you use 2 locks that pass through a wheel, part of the frame and a secure cycle rack or hoop. If you have a quick release wheels make sure you lock the wheels to the frame and take anything else with you.


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Posted: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 14:35 by Anita Sach

Berkeley Community Library reopening

Message from Berkeley Community Library

We are reopening with a reduced library service commencing Tuesday August 18th 2020

Opening time Tuesdays 10am -12noon and 2pm – 4pm

  • You will be able to reserve and collect books from the library using

Click and Collect or Off the Shelf Services. For these, you will need your Library card, PIN, and access to the internet. See the Gloucestershire Libraries Website for further details: More »

  • We will also be offering a Call and Collect telephone service, (phone during open hours or leave answer phone message 01453 810520) a Written Request paper service, (for all these services please include your name, phone number and Library Card Number, you will receive a call when your books are ready to collect)

and a direct While You Wait request service.

  • Regrettably there will be No Access into the library for shelf browsing, public computers or other usual hands-on services.
  • We will be observing a one-person at the doorway system with distanced queuing outside. Wearing of masks is requested, for library staff/volunteers' protection.
  • Book Returns will be via our large letter-box only. All returns will be quarantined for 72 hours upon return, before they can be released for re-issue.

Other safety measures in place will include staff hygiene and minimal stock handling.

  • Please be patient with staff/volunteers while we manage under these difficult circumstances.
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Posted: Mon, 10 Aug 2020 12:34 by Anita Sach