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Information from Age UK about support during the Covid 19 crisis

We have a variety of resources that we are keen to share with the communities.

a. We have an information and advice line where anyone (older people and their families) with an issue can call and get free advice – 01452 422660

b. We have set up a Freephone line if any older person is feeling lonely and wants a chat with one of our staff or volunteers – 0800 298 0579

c.We are also running an online social group which older people can join, get and share info and ideas on staying occupied, there are quizzes and discussion groups.

d. We are promoting a campaign to Greet Your Street at 11am to get neighbours socializing on their doorsteps; we have posters that we can send out for households to show they are involved.

e. There is also a lot of advice and information on our website:

Posted: Wed, 06 May 2020 13:51 by Anita Sach

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